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The Catos are a race discovered over a decade ago during a mining accident when a cave was discovered. The Catos have markers on their heads which resemble ears but they show how much life they have remaining. If a Catos is dying it's markers will change from the usual white to black. The Catos had at first been feared by humans as they killed without distinction anything they saw, but one scientist invented a chip that could be inserted into the back of their brains so that it cut out the instictive killing. The chip was designed so that when it finally ran out of power the Catos would die. The Catos were then used to take care of the homes of people who could afford to buy one.
When Adam discovers that the new Catos his friend and landlord Mark has bought is deceased he is sent to buy a replacement. Unknown to him is the fact that he will choose the fabled leader of the Catos...

I'm updating on Monday, Wednesday and Friday :)

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On hiatus until further notice.

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Hiatus #2

13 Jul 2008 03:35 pm

Marked launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Marked! Comics coming soon!

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